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About us

We are a global financial and technology service company…hence the name Global FinTech Systems. Our expertise is creating a seamless finance and technology process for vendor to consumer transactions. And we do portfolio management better than anyone because of the advancement of our software platforms. We have spent decades perfecting our platforms. We want to partner with you to help you grow your business without a big upfront expense. We can take the worry out of growing your business!

Our locations


Our global Partner Development Team is located in Atlanta. Atlanta has the world’s largest airport which means one of the members of our Partner Team can get a flight to you tomorrow…or even today, if needed. While everyone else calls their team a “sales team” that’s not what we are about…we are here to PARTNER with you! Our calls might originate from Atlanta but they are not sales calls, they are partnership opportunities…and the reason you should listen is because of the locations below.



Toronto houses our financial transaction processing center and it is the most advanced in the world due to our software platform, which took decades to develop, and the experience of our staff. We can process more accounts per employee than anyone else…on a factor of ten times…with NO impact on customer service! This means YOUR customers are SATISFIED!


Chattanooga is our technology hub. Why Chattanooga? Because Chattanooga isn’t just famous for the Chattanooga Choo-Choo…Did you know Chattanooga sits on the greatest hub of high-speed fiber optics in the world? It was the world’s first 1GB/sec internet service! This provides us with the bandwidth to service you…and every one of our customers…with no worries.


We offer a variety of insurance programs to protect the interests in your portfolio and protect your property. All of our programs are AAA+ rated and backed by some of the biggest names in the business. Our insurance offices are based in the sunniest city in the United States and we can structure any insurance program you can imagine…if we don’t have it already.


We have multiple online E-Commerce sites that connect buyers and sellers and we process the entire transaction. From offer…to counter offer…to agreement…to deal. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling/buying a book, a house, or leasing/buying a car, we have the entire process covered!

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