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Global FinTech Systems

GFT Systems offers a full range of resources and products to help you grow your business.

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Why choose GFT Systems?

Because We Will Manage Your Portfolio And Be Your Partner In Profitability!

We have over 40 years experience in back-end portfolio management, customer service and collections and, through our advanced software platforms, can service your customers at greater efficiency than anyone else. We operate about 10 times more efficient than typical processing companies with no loss in customer satisfaction! What does this mean to you?


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Business Growth

What we can do for you

INCREASE YOUR PROFITABILITY! We will consult with you how to set up your own in-house finance program for your product and we manage the portfolio management. You don’t have to deal with the headaches of collection because that’s our expertise.


Sell to more customers


Offer more options than your competitiors


Grow your business

Our Services


We handle all the backend processing headaches for your portfolio through our combination of technology and experienced staff. And we do it better than anyone!


If you would rather service your own financial portfolio, we’ll license you our software platforms, train your staff and provide ongoing support to insure your success.


We run multiple online technology platforms that allow consumers to connect with vendors and allow total transactional structuring and documentation. Through our online platforms, you can increase your business through ecommerce without a large upfront cost.

Lead Generation

What good is the best business process (and technology to manage it) without the customers? We create daily leads and send them to you. Get more customers without spending thousands of dollars on all the promises the digital marketing companies make but rarely deliver.