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Eliminate 100% of credit card transaction fees

StrictlyZero is the only processing platform that allows you to pass transaction fees to customers in a 100% compliant fashion

For many businesses, this amounts to thousands of dollars per month.

  • No monthly fee (as long as you process)
  • Pay 0% on all credit card transactions
  • Daily settlements and deposits into your bank account (no hold time)
  • Point of sale, handheld, mobile, online or software integrated
  • No hardware investment (except for full POS option)
  • We keep you 100% compliant with federal/state laws and card issuer requirements
  • Currently not available in CT or MA

Merchants have been allowed to pass on transaction fees since a 2015 US Supreme Court ruling but only under strict surcharging disclosure and reporting processes. StrictlyZero is the most compliant and feature ridden platform that keeps you compliant in all of these areas.